Rock The Mic

Push the Boat Out’s Monthly Open Mic

9 March 2022 | 7 April 2022 | 5 May 2022

Since certain Global Events put pause on these sort of dreamy evenings, we’d been waiting for the Return of the Open Mic Night. We were able to run one to close out our 2021 festival, and it was one of our best-attended festival events! You made it clear to us that the Edinburgh appetite for poetry open mics was strong. Safety and responsibility will always be our top priority, and we know that it’s possible to stay safe and responsible while running an open mic. We’re so happy to welcome you!

We’ve missed that wholesome, electric je-ne-sais-quois in the air at open mics, and we’re bringing it back to you, free and monthly. Be prepared to mask up, sign up, and come on up to the mic in the Gallery Bar at Summerhall. If you’re not (yet) one to read your poems for any and all ears to hear, come out to listen to some of the best fresh poetry Edinburgh has to offer. Pre-register for a certain spot to read or pop by on the night of to try your luck!

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